Services Include:

Primary Source Historical Research Services

  • I can provide in-depth research on a topic, an era, an issue, or an individual. I can also tackle more layered, nuanced and complex research questions.
  • I gather primary source documents and file to illuminate, from newspaper and popular journal articles, photographs, correspondence, journals, and yes, even secondary source accounts.
  • Custom research using a variety of databases, including WorldCat, HathiTrust, Internet Archive,,, and others. I also conduct research using a range of specialty and regional sites, such as the historical archives of libraries, museums, colleges and universities, historical societies, organizations, businesses, and others.
  • Delivery of research overview (written) and original sources (pdfs and jpegs).

Research for Non-Profits

  • Research the history of an organization, community, event, or an individual.
  • Research within a particular collection, as well as both primary and secondary research in libraries, archives, genealogical databases, et al.
  • Research into collections of photographs and images, and I can also conduct research to locate images.

Through conducting a research project, I can deliver a variety of products, including:

  • Histories of various lengths (essay, book, website, etc.)
  • A searchable database of events that occurred throughout your organization’s history.
  • Exhibits.
  • Timelines for a release of historical materials or information through social networking platforms.
  • A list of grant opportunities that will aid in the preservation, use, and promotion of your collection.
  • Slideshows to mark specific events, to raise funds, or to promote your organization.

Archives Management Services

If you feel overwhelmed by a collection of historical items that is in disarray, disorder, or just plain confusing, I can help.

I can tackle a job with an eye to making order out of even the most chaotic of collections. You will be surprised at how the process of organization will bring to light ideas, potential projects, and usually a few treasures.

  • Collections Assessment.
  • Evaluation of condition of photographs, paintings, artifacts, documents, books, media and other items.
  • Creation of an inventory of items.
  • Creation of an organization and preservation system.
  • Recommendation for storage.
  • Proposal of specific uses for items.
  • Assistance with insurance appraisals.

Collections assessments will be conducted to evaluate the collection in terms of the extent and nature of items, current storage facilities, current state of the organization of the collection, the potential to digitize items, and issues concerning preservation, conservation and use of items.

Collections assessment proposals will includes steps for:

  • Organization (storage, inventory, access)
  • Preservation (evaluation in terms of steps needed to preserve items)
  • Conservation (identify items in need of conservation)
  • Ownership (determine intellectual ownership of materials and levels of access)
  • Research (for publications, promotions, newsletters, websites)
  • Fundraising & Promotion (how to turn collections into efforts to raise an organization’s profile, appeal to the interest of a wider audience, and assist in a variety of development efforts.)
  • Presentation: How to turn your history into a useful past.

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