I offer free consultations to learn about your project and

create a custom proposal for you. 

Each client’s situation is different and that’s why I work to understand the particular needs of your organization. Often, a consultation can yield unexpected results since the experience of reflecting on an organization’s history will often reveal myriad possibilities. After our consultation, I create a detailed, step-by-step approach to using and preserving your history or executing a particular project.

I then draft a proposal with a tailored plan for your project. The proposal will outline the steps of the project, timeline, and cost. I can also include options for the project timeline, including providing various smaller sub-projects that can be spread out over time. Once the proposal is completed, I will sit down with you to talk it through.

Writing, research and other creative projects will be outlined in detail, including date of completion and cost. I offer suggestions for outside vendors in certain cases (on demand publishers, printers, etc) and can get estimates for the production of any final products that will be the result of a project (i.e., printed booklets, books, postcards, videos).

Collections assessments will be conducted to evaluate the collection in terms of the extent and nature of items, current storage facilities, current state of the organization of the collection, ie, the inventory, the potential to digitize items, and issues concerning preservation, conservation and use of items.

Collections assessment proposals will includes steps for:
  • Organization (storage, inventory, access)
  • Preservation (evaluation in terms of steps needed to preserve items
  • Conservation (identify items in need of conservation)
  • Ownership (determine intellectual ownership of materials and levels of access)
  • Research (for publications, promotions, newsletters, websites)
  • Fundraising & Promotion (how to turn collections into efforts to raise an organization’s profile, appeal to the interest of a wider audience, and assist in a variety of development efforts.)
  • Presentation: How to turn your history into a useful past.

For more information or to set up a consultation: