History & Company

People love history.

They love to learn about the events and the people that gave shape to the past. And they marvel at tracing the connections between that history and the present.

I created History and Company out of a desire to make history useful. 

I work with organizations and individuals on a variety of projects, from writing historical narratives to helping get into print a family history.

For Individuals:

Do you need help organizing historical files or materials? Would you like to publish a family history or write a narrative to share with others? 
I can help! I love working on projects that are meaningful and important to people. I love helping bring the past into focus.

For Organizations:

Do you want to do something with your organization’s history? Are you looking for an interesting way to reach out to your members or a wider audience? Do you have a specific project you need help with?
I can help you. I am a professionally trained historian, writer, and archivist who knows how to take the past and make it sing.

The historical narrative that an organization presents about itself in a meaningful way can reach an audience with a profound impact. It can influence the relationships an organization has with its staff, membership, and public.

The history of an organization has the potential to demonstrate its longevity, permanence, and ability to be innovative and change with the times, thus setting itself up for a successful future.

An organization’s history can also reveal connections to groups and individuals locally, nationally, and globally, increasing the potential for future collaborative endeavors and strengthening the organization’s visibility and presence. As the photographs, documents and artifacts that reveal this story are stored in basements, closets, and storage lockers, time buries these valuable memories and potential connections.

History & Company is designed to bring to light your historical narrative. By working to organize, preserve and make useful your historical materials, I can help build your narrative. Whether you are looking to bring order to archival material or to create a contemporary campaign that evokes the value of history in its message, you can count on me to bring innovative, modern approaches to the past.

I start by listening. A consultation will allow you to describe your project or to discuss possible plans for preserving, using, and sharing your history. I then get to work. I create a detailed plan based on your needs, providing a thorough assessment for any and all projects– from small scale to long-term. We work with any budget and our consultations are always free.

For more information or to set up a phone or in-person consultation, please contact me: historyandcompany@gmail.com

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